About Nobleo Manufacturing

Smarter, quicker and better manufacturing
We support High Tech Manufacturing companies to compete globally. We support our customers to produce smarter, quicker and better. In close cooperation with our customers we enable operational processes to reach world class level, shorten time to market with higher yields and lower costs.

Family Culture

Nobleo Manufacturing is a company with a family culture and passionate, entrepreneurial employees. Our tradition holds a yearly family day with partners and kids, winter sport with colleagues and other social events. We celebrated our 5th anniversary with a 3-day summer trip to Valencia. You will meet colleagues regularly in our informal pizza sessions and formal office meetings. All of this in a transparent organization where it is easy to find and meet colleagues with the knowledge you were searching for.

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Our employees have the drive to share knowledge and to evolve in their DNA.

We provide smarter, quicker, cheaper and better manufacturing for our customers.

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge with your colleagues is another important value for Nobleo Manufacturing, because knowledge and experience in all kind of industries are the foundation of our technical services. Our seniors are motivated to share their extensive experience with junior engineers as well as they like to be challenged by good questions from these same junior engineers. With a buddy system, competence teams and our internal training we share our knowledge and simultaneously work on innovation, project management, process optimization and systems engineering.

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Nobleo History

Nobleo Manufacturing was founded in August 2012 in the heart of the high tech in the Netherlands after Eindhoven was named the smartest region in the world. The goal is to be a specialized and distinguished engineering consultancy firm that focuses on industrialization projects. This is still in our DNA: by supplying our best talents, Nobleans, to our customers to analyze, advise and implement solutions. Presenting and securing results for our customers is what we do, always with a Nobleo approach. This equals high customer intimacy: to know what goes on at our customers and to react appropriately.

It didn’t take long before our service expanded to diverse market segments. Automotive and High-Tech Systems are the dominant sectors where we earned our marks in the last few years and we see plenty of opportunities for the future.

Our customer base has expanded internationally over the years. Because of our growth Nobleo Manufacturing has moved to a new and inspiring location in 2017: The Petrakerk in Eindhoven.

What remains is our attitude: Making sure that our customers can produce better, faster, smarter and cheaper. We will continue to do so in the future.