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Anton’s Reflection on 10 Years at Nobleo: “Genchi Genbutsu”

“Genchi Genbutsu” is the Japanese principle of going to a location and observing/experience the circumstances to understand and solve any problems.

It is a moment to celebrate and remember. With great pleasure and pride, we are celebrating the work anniversary of a valued colleague who has dedicated a decade of expertise and passion to elevate Nobleo to new heights. In honor of this special occasion, we interviewed Anton and looked back together on the past 10 years at Nobleo. In this interview, Anton shares not only his career journey and projects, but also his inspiration and valuable lessons he learned.

A Chance Encounter: The Beginning of the Adventure

It all started with LinkedIn. “I find LinkedIn a fantastic platform because it allows me to keep track of where people are.” A new chapter began when he saw that Philip had started at Nobleo. “I reached out and through Philip, I got in touch with Jos.” And so began Anton’s adventure at Nobleo.


From Philips Medical Systems to Nedcar: The Path of Success

Anton’s career at Nobleo began with a project at Philips Medical Systems. As he looks back, he recalls his time at Nedcar, long before joining Nobleo. “They had a reorganization, and I received my dismissal letter from Peter Thissen. I’m actually still grateful to him for that.” says Anton. This unexpected departure opened the doors to consultancy and gave his career a powerful boost. After working at Medical Systems, Anton brought Nedcar in as a client and indirectly brought in Peter as well. “He kicked me out, and I brought him back in,” Anton laughs. “I introduced various people from my network to Nobleo, including Jeroen, Ivo, and Peter Lemke.”

Project Highlights

Over the years, Anton has worked on a series of remarkable projects, some of which he brought in himself. At Nedcar, Volvo Gent, Daf, and Ebusco, Anton focused on projects related to Lineside engineering, model line setup, and LEAN implementation. At Nedcar, he laid the foundation for the Masterlist. “Within logistics everyone was looking for, if I have a product, where the Point Of Use on the line is. So, where is it consumed or installed in the line? And no one in logistics knew that. Because I had Nedcar experience, I knew that there is a Fundoshi, which is the Japanese word for work description, and that Fundoshi precisely indicated which products you needed to assemble. At some point, with the help of PE, I linked the logistics database to the Fundoshi database. That allowed me to precisely determine where the product was consumed in the line.” At Volvo Gent, Anton showed that you’re never too old to craft. “One afternoon, we started building boxes with paper, tape, and plastic, simulating the process. Later, we implemented it in production.” Furthermore, Anton introduced the pizza meeting and, along with former colleague Ivo, initiated simulations within Nobleo.

The Magic of Simple Solutions: Masterful Advice

What is the secret behind Anton’s consistent success and perseverance? “Always keep looking around for opportunities and solutions,” Anton shares. He emphasizes the importance of simplicity and avoiding unnecessary complexity. His advice for the new generation of professionals within Nobleo is to keep learning and seize opportunities. “Try to build your process with simple means. What works well today can be even better tomorrow.”

A Decade of Collaboration and Growth: Nobleo’s Future

So, what motivates someone to stay at Nobleo for a whole decade? “I find it a great place to work,” says Anton. He has always seen the appeal of a work environment that pursues not only commercial interests but also meaning and impact on clients and partners. Improving processes with people on the shop floor is what Anton enjoys the most.

A Well-Earned Anniversary

On August 1st, we celebrated Anton’s 10-year work anniversary, a milestone that not only celebrates his dedication to Nobleo but also the impact of his work and contributions to our team. Together, we wish Anton all the best for the coming years, full of new challenges, opportunities, and achievements. Congratulations, Anton, and thank you for ten wonderful years at Nobleo!