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Drinklecture University of Twente.

By 3 January 2020Geen categorie

Berend and Pascalle gave a lecture to the study unions for Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. The connection between the field of study and the company life is important, both to let the students experience a taste of what it will be like to be a consultant, but also to show them how they will apply their specialty in the field. During the lecture Berend and Pascalle gave an impression of the contents of their work at Nobleo. Examples of customers in the different sectors where Nobleo is active were expanded upon, specifically Berend’s and Pascalle’s projects in respectively the Automotive industry and High Tech sector. Finally we noted several secondary benefits to working at Nobleo, like the lease car and all the fun activities we do.

After the lecture the students returned to their familiar setting and the beertab opened in Diepzat, the bar belonging to Mechanical Engineering. The drink of choice was of course Grolsch. Even the creativity was triggered when the coffeeholders of Nobleo turned out to be prefectly suited to hold beer as well!