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In the modern business world, digital transformation has become a crucial concept in various sectors, including the manufacturing sector. Companies are inundated with trends such as Digital Twin, Cloud computing, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Technology, all of which seem promising as investment directions. But what if these trends are not the right focus? What if there are other priorities that companies need to address first? That’s where SIRI comes into play!

SIRI, also known as the Smart Industry Readiness Index, helps companies steer their digital transformation. It identifies the digital maturity of the organization, prioritizes investments, and creates a personalized roadmap for success.

As certified SIRI assessors, Nobleo Manufacturing provides valuable support for assessments and implementation of improvements. Our assessors, Peter Thissen and Berend Steenhuisen, analyze business performance across 16 dimensions, including Operations, Supply Chain, and Talent Readiness. We prepare detailed advisory reports with recommendations that enable companies to make informed investment decisions for effective digital transformation and sustainability. This report also provides valuable insights for sustainability investments, such as reducing material waste and costs. As a result, a company can not only reduce its environmental impact but also create opportunities and differentiate itself from competitors.

How does a SIRI assessment look like?

A SIRI assessment begins with an onboarding call to determine the assessable part of the production environment. This is followed by two workshop days, during which our SIRI assessors provide an explanation of the methodology, assess your factory, and assign scores to all 16 dimensions. After analysis and discussion, we prioritize based on our mathematical model and selected KPIs. A few days later, you will receive the complete report, including advice for the prioritized dimensions.

What can Nobleo Manufacturing recommend?

  • Investing in digital twin technology, which creates a digital replica of your production system to simulate and optimize production processes.
  • Investing in the development of an algorithm that makes choices for logistics goods flows, such as determining the best choice when multiple docks are available. See below for an example of a simulation at Volvo!

Read the interview with our SIRI assessor Berend Steenhuisen!

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