Sankey Diagrams for a clear View on Flow

Managing your supply chain and inventory management has become especially relevant in the current crisis with suppliers facing new challenges due to new economic landscape and closing of borders.


To maximize your added value in the manufacturing industry, it is necessary to look into your logistic flows. This means minimizing stock and warehousing and creating as much flow as possible. Often, what is missing is a clear overview of the processes that allows you to direct your attention to the flows where the biggest potential impact can be achieved. Nobleo has developed a tool that helps determine exactly that, by creating insight in your logistic processes.


The Sankey tool combines data from multiple aspects in your organization, from demand to packaging and presents a straightforward depiction of the logistics in your company. Combined with our experience in the automotive sector, this can be used to save vast amounts of money due to less unnecessary handling and storing of parts and products.


The Sankey diagram is the foundation of optimizing your logistic processes; both internal and external flow as well as manning can be calculated bottom-up to provide insight in the potential for efficient operation of your company.

In these corona times, reshoring, alternative or additional supply chains creates an urgency of a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of inventory management, for which Sankey is an excellent tool.

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