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Meet Erdal, Nobleo Manufacturing’s FMEA expert

With a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Master-Black Belt certificate, Erdal brings a fresh outlook to applying Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEAs) for different industries. Transitioning from automotive to high-tech manufacturing, he gained valuable insights into driving ongoing improvements through systematic risk management. Erdal highlights our FMEA approach’s core principles, stressing the significance of thorough planning, preparation, and teamwork to ensure effective implementation.

The power and purpose of FMEA

Creating something new is always exciting, whether we are designing a new product or production process. But along with excitement comes uncertainty, or let’s say “risks”. It is crucial to pinpoint these risks and deal with them as early as possible before they happen and lead to nonconformities and serious consequences.

That is where FMEA comes in. It helps us to identify, evaluate the risks, and it structures the decision making on what to do with each risk based on the evaluation. Also, FMEA stands as a cornerstone in Concurrent Product and Process Development as it enhances the collaboration across diverse teams in the organization. By bringing together cross-functional teams early in the design phase, FMEA workshops could be considered as a medium to think about DfX (Design for Excellence).

FMEA in action

We approach FMEAs with a standard structured process, while also ensuring that the approach remains ‘tailorable’ to meet the specific needs of our customers. We believe that planning is the most significant part of the FMEA. Many companies tend to not spend enough time on planning and rush into the process. However, skipping or quickly executing the planning phase will decrease the effectiveness of an FMEA in terms of level of detail, team building, and total throughput time.
After the planning, we start to identify functions and their possible failure modes/causes and effects in workshops. When we have enough input on the risks, we evaluate each risk with a prioritization matrix based on severity, detectability, and occurrence rate. The prioritization matrix is the rationale behind the actions we are going to take. In almost all cases, we cannot decrease the severity of the failure, but we can detect or prevent it.

Thus, we determine the next actions with workshop sessions again and check with the prioritization matrix to make sure that the risk will be in the acceptable range. Finally, the actions are implemented, and the effectiveness of the actions must be checked.

“Currently, we are using FMEA with a customer who is developing a new product. Given the development phase, we conduct Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA) and Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) simultaneously, to identify all potential risks they may encounter during the production of the product; before the drawings are released. We always tend to start dFMEAs in “conceptual design” phase and pFMEAs in “detailed design” phase latest.”

Nobleo Manufacturing’s value proposition

“When engaging in an FMEA with a customer, we adopt a collaborative approach. Upon project completion, the customer should possess the competence to conduct FMEA autonomously. Nobleo Manufacturing’s added value lies in our structured problem-solving approach. While organisations may devise alternative problem-solving methods, they risk wasting time. We offer a standardized approach, fortified by experience and benchmarks, thereby guiding customers on the appropriate level of detail in FMEA. External facilitation prompts innovative risk analysis, encouraging stakeholders to think beyond normal boundaries. FMEA is a tool that can be used across various industries to ensure the quality of product designs and production processes.”

Through teamwork and careful analysis, our Nobleo Manufacturing team helps customers anticipate and tackle potential problems early on. This is based on a systematic prioritization and prevents costly setbacks. In our role as facilitators and experts, we highlight our dedication to developing internal expertise within our customers’ organisations, empowering them to lead FMEA independently.

By effective use of the FMEA , Nobleo Manufacturing enhances the customer’s quality, helps to improve their ability to better identify risks, and enable them to Achieve New Level Manufacturing!


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