Capacity analysis production process using simulation

Analysis of the required capacity of the production process of a new plant dedicated to dry food production.


When building the ideal factory, a fully optimized and automated production process cannot be missing. The client is a company that specializes in factory automation in the field of dosing, weighing and especially transporting materials. They often support this with a simulation of the production process. The goal of this assignment was to create a simulation that reflects the combination of the production process and the specialized factory automation.


Nobleo Manufacturing initially began by implementing the client’s machinery using 3D models, to use in the simulation. Then the manufacturing process was modelled and combined with the machinery. Using 3D models allows for visualization, making the production process and simulation clear. With the help of the simulation of the production process, the machine shop could be optimized. Simulation has the advantage that it takes place in a controlled, virtual environment, and can be performed without affecting development costs or production processes. Finally, a dashboard was built that displays the results of the simulation.

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  • A simulation of a production process, combined with the implementation of machinery, to optimize the use of machinery.
  • A 3D visualization of the simulation to provide a good image for the customer.
  • A dashboard that displays the results of the simulation and gives room to shift dynamic parameters to influence the simulation in a controlled environment.

“The use of simulation software in the industrial sector provides insightful advice”

Jeffrey Mussche