Coating Quality Improvement

Our customer designs, develops and makes an extensive assortment of innovative and high-end agricultural machines and services for global agriculture.


One of the agricultural machine production steps comprises of the coating of end-products. The powder coating quality does not comply to present and future standards and needs to be improved. To this end a new coating line needs to be implemented in an existing building, which is not fit for this purpose. The existing production capacity cannot be negatively affected while this change takes place or after. The coating capacity needs to be improved by 50% and the coating quality also needs to be improved. The new line needs to be fully prepared for future transfer to KTL coating (Kathodische Tauch Lackierung).


Nobleo Manufacturing has initiated and executed a complete program, in which the organization is guided to a defined and controlled project approach. An additional deliverable was to increase the company’s process management knowledge level. Supplier quality control has also been a key factor.

The methods and techniques used in this project are Project Management with a focus on the organization’s functionalities and the creation of organizational transparency.


The old factory underwent infrastructural and constructional modification to create a dedicated coating facility, completing a new powder coating line within the time limit of 9 months and budget limit. The result was an autonomously operating organization on a higher knowledge level. During this changeover period, the old production process was demolished and the area was renovated, ensuring a seamless transition to the new operation process.

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