Data Visualization

An international operating warehousing company with various locations all over the world.


The Global Warehousing partner, where we carried out this project, had a varying number of departments for logistic assignments from their customers. Each department was different and dealt with reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their on way. The assignment was to provide structure and to present a clear solution to the Management.



Due to the large differences between the departments, it was important to gain insight into the existing reporting first. Not only in the KPIs itself, but the time intervals, format and the corresponding definition as well. Using this information, a selection of KPIs to be placed in a total overview and another selection for a department-specific overview were made. During the project, major progress was made in the reporting of the departments and results were added to the overview in consultation. The managers of the departments were constantly involved in the interpretation and deployment of the overview. Towards the end, two internal employees were trained to update and send the file on a weekly basis so ownership was entirely shifted to the Global Warehousing Partner.


The delivery consists of a clear Excel file, which is updated and circulated weekly in a few minutes. It contains a sheet with a total overview such as  productivity, illness absence, 5S score and inbound-, inventory- and outbound KPIs for each department. Each score is coded by performance with a color corresponding to target and trend. In this way, management has a quick overview of all departments’ performance. Currently the overview is manually filled by employees but this will be done automatically with the introduction of a Data WareHouse (DWH) in the near future. Hence, the overview can visualize live data instead of weekly snapshots.

There is also an option for zooming in on a specific department via buttons within the Excel file. With a single click, a department can get access to a more extensive overview that provides more KPIs with a further history and the option to view the underlying data and the calculation of scores. Weekly KPI scores of departments are made transparent by an untrained user through a deep dive without retrieving different systems and files.

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