Introducing: project Design & Deliver at Lightyear by Stijn Totté

We would like to introduce you to Stijn Totté, who works as a Process Improvement Consultant at Nobleo Manufacturing and teaches Operational Excellence at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. This combination brings together practical experience and theory.

About Stijn

At Fontys University of Applied Sciences, my work primarily focuses on teaching Operational Excellence to third-year students in the Industrial Engineering & Management specialization of the Industrial Engineering & Management program. Along with a fellow instructor, I am constantly working on improving the Operational Excellence course by introducing and implementing new work methodologies, literature, and best practices. All of this contributes to equipping students with the latest theories in the field of Operational Excellence.

Currently, my work at Nobleo Manufacturing involves multiple industrialization projects for clients in the Automotive and High-Tech industries. Within the project teams, we follow Nobleo’s Design & Deliver methodology. I will briefly highlight one project that I am executing at Lightyear.

About Lightyear

Lightyear aims to bring their first solar-powered car to the market in 2022. Their mission is to achieve clean mobility for everyone, everywhere! In this project, I have the role of industrialization project leader and support Lightyear on their path towards the start of solar panel production, which will take place in the Netherlands. It is incredible to be part of Lightyear’s journey towards clean mobility and to contribute with our methodology, experience, and expertise!


The combination of primarily working in the business environment and part-time teaching enhances my knowledge of the subjects I teach to students. At the same time, it keeps me up to date with new work methodologies and literature within Operational Excellence. Every day, I grow personally and share the acquired knowledge, experience, and best practices.

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