Nobleo Manufacturing and Nobleo Technology are joining forces in Design House+

Introducing Design House+: a new perspective to develop smart ideas into (high) volume production. Explore how we merge design expertise with manufacturing knowledge to ensure quality and unburden you from A to Z.

Design House+ is a completely new proposition. It all came to life due to the need for a complete “one-stop-shop” without restrictions in production facilities/supply chain. Let’s put it like this: on one hand you have pure design houses and on the other hand, you have parties who are more focused on design for manufacturing in their own facilities. With Design House+ we are combining high-tech specialism in the domain of embedded software, mechatronics and mechanics with our know-how of NPI, and manufacturing and value chain optimization. Here we simply don’t follow a ‘black box’ way of working – transparency, co-creation and true partnerships are what we believe in.

Currently, the concept has mainly been proven in the semiconductor industry, but Design House+ offers potential to many more markets. SMEs can also benefit from the expertise of Design House+. It is precisely because of the intensive collaboration and co-creation that the concept is suitable for companies of all sizes.

From an idea that exists on paper to a tangible, reproducible product that is ready for volume production. That’s what we do. By doing so, we are able to support or take ownership in high-tech product- and process development, starting in the earliest stage of the V-Model; from creating a first proof-of-concept or functional model, via prototyping and testing to full industrialization.

This means not only working with the customer from initial specifications through proof-of-concepts and prototypes, but also in setting up a tailor-made supply chain, realizing NPIs projects and scaling up to volume production. We want to unburden the customer, from A to Z.

New approach to supplier engagement

Design House+ takes a new approach to supplier engagement. Finding a supplier and setting up the supply chain happens at an early stage. Critical to Quality aspects are identified and suppliers are then involved early in the development process, creating close collaboration that contributes to the successful completion and delivery of the product. This means more investments are made to prevent ‘cost of non-conforming’ once the product has been industrialized.

We are driven by a commitment to transparency and collaboration. Our foundation is built on four pillars. These values define us in who we are and what we do.

  1. Transparency and Customer Engagement: A crucial aspect is transparency and open communication with customers. Where we understand the importance of customer involvement throughout the project.
  2. Early Supplier Involvement: Suppliers are involved early in the development process, creating close collaboration that contributes to the successful completion and delivery of the product.
  3. Project management: It is a bit of a no-brainer, yet still one of the most important aspects for a successful project. We like to be transparent about the project stages that we are in. We do this by working with a ‘stage gated’ project approach, this way we ensure that everyone is aware of project developments.
  4. Synergy: It is all under our roof, industrial and design engineers are side by side actively working together.

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