Interview with SIRI-assessor

Meet SIRI: An Interview with SIRI Assessor Berend Steenhuisen

In this interview, our colleague Berend Steenhuisen discusses the significance of investing in digital transformation to prepare organizations for the future. He specifically highlights the SIRI assessment and explains the value it offers to businesses. The interview provides insights into how companies can leverage digital transformation to enhance their competitive edge.

What is SIRI?

SIRI, known as the Smart Industry Readiness Index, provides companies with a methodology to determine their digitalization roadmap and focus on essential investments. The goal of SIRI is to prepare your company for the future by identifying the current “digital maturity” of your organization and assisting in prioritizing the next step, always with an eye on industry benchmarks. This forms the foundation for creating a personalized roadmap that ensures your success.


In what areas does the SIRI assessment evaluate an organization?

As certified SIRI assessors, Nobleo Manufacturing provides valuable support. We not only conduct the assessment but also guide our clients in implementing the recommended improvements. Our SIRI assessors, @Peter and @Berend, analyze and evaluate your company’s performance across 16 different dimensions, categorized into areas such as Operations, Supply Chain, Product Lifecycle, Automation, Connectivity, Intelligence, Talent Readiness, and Structure & Management. Using a mathematical model and thorough analysis, we create a detailed advisory report with improvement recommendations. This report helps companies make informed investment decisions and shape their digital transformation effectively. Furthermore, it offers valuable insights for companies looking to invest in sustainability. By combining sustainability with reducing material waste, costs can be lowered. This allows a company not only to reduce its environmental impact but also to create new opportunities and stand out from the competition.


What does the SIRI assessment process entail?

The SIRI process begins with an onboarding call, where we determine together which part of your production environment needs to be assessed. We then organize two workshop days, during which our SIRI assessors provide a comprehensive explanation of the SIRI methodology and gain a clear understanding of the level of digitization through a tour of your factory. On the first day, we assess all 16 dimensions and assign scores. After a few days of analysis and discussion, the second workshop day follows, during which we discuss the assessment results and prioritize based on our mathematical model, considering the score, costs, industry benchmarks, and selected key performance indicators (KPIs). A few days later, you will receive the complete report, including advice on the four dimensions that should receive priority.

What are some examples of potential recommendations based on a SIRI assessment?

Examples of possible investments we may recommend include investing in digital twin technology, which creates a digital replica of your production system to simulate and optimize production processes. The report might also suggest investing in the development of an algorithm that makes choices for logistical goods flows, such as determining the best choice when multiple docks are available.

Our recommendations in the report are tailored entirely to the specific needs of your company. Based on the size, objectives, and cost profile of your organization, we create a top 4 priority list from the 16 dimensions. This narrows down the numerous potential investment directions to a handful of essential initiatives. By focusing on areas in need of improvement, you can achieve better outcomes and realize a higher Return on Investment (ROI) from your digital transformation initiatives.


What is the added value of Nobleo Manufacturing?

At Nobleo Manufacturing, our involvement doesn’t stop at delivering the SIRI report. We look at the recommendations and proposed investments in the four focus dimensions and then provide support for implementing these improvements. Throughout our collaboration, we strive to offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. This can range from developing new software applications to optimizing existing systems. In addition to technical expertise, at Nobleo Manufacturing, we also place great value on effective communication and collaboration with our clients. We ensure regular updates, feedback sessions, and evaluations to ensure that the solutions stay on track and meet your expectations.

At Nobleo Manufacturing, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and support them in their digital transformation journey. We understand that digital transformation is a broad investment area and can appear complex. Therefore, we ensure that our clients have a clear roadmap and plan for the future. This way, they can become future-proof and better anticipate challenges that arise.

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