Introducing: Project Logistic Engineering in a Lean Assembly Environment.

We would like to introduce you to Jeffrey Mussche, Industrial Engineer & Data Scientist at Nobleo, currently working at VDL Smart Spaces among other projects.

About Jeffrey

Over a year and a half ago, I graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology in Operations Management and Logistics and started working at Nobleo Manufacturing. As an Industrial Engineer & Data Scientist, I have been involved in multiple projects and have gained experience in both data and logistics. With this experience, I embarked on a project at VDL Smart Spaces, formerly known as VDL Bus. It is an interesting project where the preparation and acquisition of the right data, form the foundation for solving larger logistic issues.


About VDL Smart Spaces

In recent years, the demand for housing in the Netherlands has significantly increased, while the availability of affordable options has not. To address this, VDL and Van Wijnen combine their expertise in industrialization and construction to find a solution for the housing shortage. By producing industrialized building modules, the construction time of a house on-site can be significantly reduced from approximately 60 days to just 24 hours.

For VDL Bus in Heerenveen, this resulted in a complete shift from building buses to constructing modular bathroom modules. A transformation in which Nobleo Manufacturing was brought in to take on the logistic engineering in a lean assembly environment. A new production line requires a seamlessly integrated logistic process. Nobleo supports both the physical logistics (line supply, packaging and delivery strategy, layout, transportation, etc.) and the control logistics (preparation of master data, automation of administrative tasks, implementation of SAP, etc.) for this development. Nobleo’s experience in developing logistic processes in the automotive industry greatly contributes to the logistic implementation.

This is an interesting challenge where I can apply my acquired knowledge in practice and be part of the Nobleo project team alongside Peter Lempke and Peter Thissen.

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