Privacy Statement

This is Nobleo Manufacturing’s Privacy Statement. To be of service and to complete our job as effective and efficiently as possible, Nobleo Manufacturing will process your personal data if you are in touch with us.

Nobleo Manufacturing takes great care in handling your personal data. Your personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us. You can be assured that your data is safe and that we comply with the legal rules.

Why does Nobleo Manufacturing have a Privacy Statement?
In this Privacy Statement we have listed how we handle your personal data. Here you can read which personal data we process, for what purposes, who can access it, how we store it, with whom we share it and how you can influence this.

What is personal data?
Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a natural person, in this case you. Examples of personal data are name, address, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address. We collect this information when you fill out a form, send us a letter or e-mail or call us. Also when you visit the Nobleo Manufacturing website, you sometimes provide us with your personal data. For example, an IP-address or a cookie.

We will process your data when it is shared with Nobleo Manufacturing by you or a third party. The definition of processing is broad and involves for example: collecting, storing, accessing, removing, using and disclosing data with third parties. Erasing or deleting is also part of the definition ‘processing’.

On what is this Privacy Statement applicable?
This Privacy Statement applies to all personal data that Nobleo Manufacturing processes whilst being of service to you in a fully or partially automated manner.

From who does Nobleo Manufacturing process personal data?
We can process personal data of all persons with whom we are in touch, or who visit this website. These include (potential) employees or customers of Nobleo Manufacturing. We also process personal data of contacts from (potential) customers, business relations, suppliers or business partners.

Important: if you, as an organisation or company, share personal data from your employees with us, then according to the law, you are obliged to inform your employees. You can give this Privacy Statement to your employees, then they know exactly how Nobleo Manufacturing handles their personal data.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?
Nobleo Manufacturing (Chamber of Commerce 55804284), located at Heggeranklaan 1, 5643 BP in Eindhoven, is responsible for processing your personal data. The responsibility lies with the one who formally-legally decides whether and, if so, which personal data will be processed, for what purpose and in what way.

For what purpose does Nobleo Manufacturing use your personal data?
Nobleo Manufacturing can only process personal data based on legal grounds. Possible legal grounds for processing your personal data are:

  • Your permission. This permission can be withdrawn by you at any time;
  • Processing your data is necessary to execute an agreement;
  • Processing your data is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation;
  • Processing your data is necessary to combat serious danger to your health;
  • Processing your data is necessary to fulfil a task for the common good, or a for public service; and
  • Processing your data is necessary keeping in mind the interest of Nobleo, noting that your interest does not prevail.

If you get in touch with Nobleo Manufacturing, we will process your personal data in order to execute our services as efficiently and effectively as possible, for example to remain in touch, to conduct financial and payroll administration and for carrying out our advisory services.

More specifically, we ask you to share your personal data with us for the following purposes:

    • To engage in and maintain an employee / employer relationship with you and conduct a financial-, personal-, hour-, absenteeism- and / or salary administration for this purpose.
    • To engage in and maintain a relationship, with a purpose of a sustainable cooperation.
    • To get you in touch with, or to introduce you to one or more (potential) customers and/or relations within our network.
    • To be able to conclude agreements with you and/or relations and to execute and fulfil these.
    • To be able to inform you about the developments within our organisation using a newsletter.
    • For management purposes and generating management information and reports, conducting analyses, (internal and external) examinations, audits and accountant inspections and improving and maintaining our quality and operational safety.
    • om de geldende wet- en regelgeving na te kunnen leven en/of het aanvragen van subsidies en premiekortingen, denk bijvoorbeeld aan de identificatie of het afdragen van belastingen en sociale premies.
    • To improve our products and services (including our website and the secured web portal) or to solve (technical) issues when using the website or any of our services.

We only process your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. When we use your data for other (closely related) purposes, we will inform you about this in accordance with the law, request permission and act accordingly.

What personal data do we process?
To maintain interaction:

      • First and last name, address, place of residence, e-mail address and telephone number

When you send your CV:

      • data of birth, age, gender.
      • curriculum vitae (CV), information regarding education, internships and work experience.
      • information about training, courses and/or tests that you took yourself or through us.
      • information about availability and leave.
      • other data that may be important in the context of assessing your suitability, for example references and recommendations – on a voluntary basis.

The moment you start working / work / worked for Nobleo manufacturing:

      • Nationality, citizen service number (in Dutch burgerservicenummer, BSN), ID, gender, work permit (if applicable).
      • Other information related to the personnel, salary, absenteeism and pension administration

How does Nobleo Manufacturing handle your personal data?

We handle your personal data carefully, securely and confidentially. Nobleo Manufacturing has drawn up a policy document for this.

Supervision of the processing of personal data

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in EU law on data protection. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) ensures that this law is complied with. If you believe that the stipulations of this Privacy Statement are not or insufficiently complied with by us, you have the right to submit a complaint with the DPA. The details of the DPA are:
Bezuidenhoutseweg 30
2594 AV Den Haag

To protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your data, Nobleo Manufacturing takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures. We take measures to prevent misuse of your personal data, as well as unauthorized access. These measures include access control, firewalls, secure servers and encryption of certain data, such as financial information and other sensitive data. In addition to securing the systems, we also don’t want everyone within Nobleo Manufacturing to be able to access your data. Our systems are designed such that employees can only see the information for which they are authorized.

Reporting incidents
In the unexpected situation that something has gone wrong in protecting your personal data, or if we suspect that this is the case, we will report this to the DPA. If the violation of your personal data has possible unfavorable or undesirable consequences for you, we will inform you as soon as possible.

We assume that your data is always confidential. Every employee within Nobleo Manufacturing is therefore obliged to maintain confidentiality. This also applies to third parties hired by Nobleo Manufacturing or appointed in another way to perform activities. Persons carrying out technical activities for our systems are also bound to confidentiality. In short, everyone who can access your data has an obligation of confidentiality.

How long do we store your data?
Nobleo Manufacturing does not store your data longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose for which your data is processed and also not longer than is legally permitted. The duration of the data storage depends on the nature of the data and the purpose for which the data is processed.

Providing data to third parties
We do not explicitly provide your personal data to third parties, unless it is necessary to execute the agreement, it is legally required, or you have given us your permission. Nobleo Manufacturing may also be required to provide personal data based on laws or regulations, based on a court order, or in case of fraud or abuse. If that is the case, Nobleo Manufacturing will cooperate.

Disclosing your data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
Nobleo Manufacturing will not pass on your data to a company or branch in a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Personal interaction with Nobleo Manufacturing
Many interactions between you and Nobleo Manufacturing happen via phone, whatsapp, e-mail or social media. The personal data that you provide us with during those moments can be processed by Nobleo Manufacturing. For example, to answer your questions or to maintain interaction.

Visiting the Nobleo Manufacturing website
If you visit our website, cookies are placed on your computer. Below you can read what we use this information for.

What do we do with cookies?
We use analytical and functional cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this website and stored by your browser on your hard disk or your computer, tablet, phone, etc. (‘device’). Functional cookies are used to keep track of the language settings and to register the time someone spends on the website. Analytical cookies are used via the Ireland-based company Google as part of the “Analytics” service. We use this service to track and obtain results on how visitors use the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We don’t influence this. The information that Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP-address is explicitly not transferred. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers within the European Union.

We will notify you if we process your personal data
When Nobleo Manufacturing processes your data, you are provided with information regarding our identity, the purpose for which and the way in which we process your data, the rules that apply, the rights you have and how you can exercise those. This information may be omitted if you are already aware of the way your data will be processed, or if communication with you is impossible or would require a disproportionate effort from us.

What are your rights?
When Nobleo Manufacturing processes your personal data, you have certain rights according to the law. Your rights will be explained next.

Access to your data
Are you familiar with Nobleo Manufacturing and do you want to access your personal data? Then you can use your ‘Right of access’. We do ask you to indicate specifically what data you want to obtain.

Right to rectification
You have the right to rectify data if it is inaccurate or incomplete. You also have the right to rectify the data if it is not relevant for the purpose for which we process it, or if your personal data was unlawfully processed. In case of a rectification, we will inform third parties who received your data, unless this is impossible or would require a disproportionate effort from us.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)
You also have the right to erase certain data. For example, when your data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected, you object to the processing, or when your data has been unlawfully processed by us. However, we cannot always erase all requested data, because we are or may be obliged to retain certain information about you. Examples are citizen service number (in Dutch burgerservicenummer, BSN) or a copy of your identity document if you work for us or have worked for us.

Right to restriction of processing
You also have the right to limit the processing of your data. The right to restriction means that we may (temporarily) not process your personal data and may not change them. This is the case if you contest the accuracy of the data, if you believe that the personal data is no longer necessary for its original purposes or if you believe that your personal data is unlawfully processed by Nobleo Manufacturing.

Right to object
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by Nobleo Manufacturing if your personal data is used for purposes not necessary for the execution of an agreement or the fulfillment of a legal obligation.

Right to data portability
If you have provided us with your personal information, you have the right to data portability in certain cases. This means that we will provide your information to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, if you request it.

How can you exercise your rights?
If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us at any time via the contact details below, or by sending us a letter with your name, address and telephone number. We will respond to your request within one month.

We ask you to identify yourself using a valid identity document. This allows us to verify whether we provide the data to the correct person.

Excessive requests regarding the provision of information can be rejected by us. Requests are considered excessive when made more frequently than what is usual or necessary.

Regarding this privacy statement
Nobleo Manufacturing can amend this Privacy Statement. The last change was made on 24-05-2018 and translated to English on 26-10-2018. The most recent version can always be accessed on

Do you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy statement? Then please reach out to us:

Nobleo Manufacturing
Heggeranklaan 1
5643 BP Eindhoven