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Quarterly Meeting

By 20 February 2019April 15th, 2019Nobleo Manufacturing

During the quarterly meeting at Nobleo we don’t only discuss financial results and operational announcements, also learning from each other and innovating together is important to us. That is why we held a brainstorm session during the previous quarterly meeting with the entire Nobleo Manufacturing delegation. The question: how can our Nobleo Manufacturing professionals support our high tech and automotive customers to further optimize production and material flows.

After a brief introduction, the group was divided into 5 teams with as goal to generate as many ideas as possible during 2 short brainstorming sessions. In between the two sessions, there was an inspirational movie to give an example of the possibilities that technology can offer. If a team needed some aid, keywords were put on the table to boost creativity and keep the pace high. Examples you can think of are barcode scanning, VR/AR, Industry 4.0 and Just In Sequence.

A beautiful evening with excellent innovative results that we would like to share with our customers.