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Supply Chain Award Prize

By 20 February 2019April 15th, 2019Nobleo Manufacturing

“When Volvo car Gent was honored the Supply Chain Award prize of the peers last November in Belgium, it was a true proof and confirmation of our logistics transformation from resource efficiency to flow efficiency. A true understanding of lean has never before been so close to our operations as today. What started with a discussion regarding a closed loop flow ended with an inventory and a delivery precision improvement well exceeding 25 %. The stability we achieved in our supply chain process while introducing perfect sequence allowed us to turn around the factory for new models to come and to continue producing at full speed; a car every 60 seconds.

Peter Thissen’s expertise has been most valuable during the foundation of this change process. His ability to scope the full potential of this re-engineering was crucial for Volvo car to relentless introduce the change. His recommendations that were followed, succeeded as predicted. Peters logistics competence, experience and insight can be of great benefit to many organizations that dare to step away from their conventional path.”